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August 1, 2009

With only a handful of restaurants left on the list and only a few weeks left in the summer before Hannah heads off to college (WAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I MISS CLAIRE!!), a dinner was in order. This time the girls ventured to bring guests, and the boyfriends were invited along. (Only because Claire and I wanted to order the maximum amount of food possible. They came so we could eat off their plates, but Claire and I ate more than twice what the boyfriends did.)

On a Friday evening there wasn’t a seat open in the house. After a 15/20 minute wait, the waiter led the group to the back, passing a booth covered in roses and rose petals, before dropping them off in a roomy, high-back booth. Hannah spent the rest of the dinner watching as a husband surprised his wife with the romantic dinner. [I do believe I saw Hans shed a little tear.] ( I feel like I should admit my passion and obsession with romantic/adorable gestures. I get entirely too excited.) [Side Note – dress nice to a dinner date or Hannah will kick your ass.] (WHO WEARS SWEAT PANTS TO A ROMANTIC DINNER!!! I almost went over and asked her to leave and change and then come back.)

The menu was simple to navigate and, as usual, our girls had studied it in advance and were ready to order within minutes. (The menu was a lovely combination of all things Italian. I really want to go back for the Tortellini.) [Lucas and Anthony have realized long ago that they have no say in ordering any sort of food related dish/item.] On the menu for the evening: The Heart Stopper Pizza, Baked Mostaccioli, and The Meatball Sandwich [as Lou said; “I only want pizza…”].

The table passed the time waiting for dinner with some people watching and enjoyable conversation [Example: If Hannah, Anthony, Claire, and Lucas were trapped on a deserted island, how would they survive? Answer: Hans and Claire would use each other as sustenance, each donating a leg to the cause of survival. Lucas and Anthony – they’d be off hunting wild beasts with leaves, thread, and solar power…] (I still think Claire and I had the right idea. I mean hunting and gathering? That means exercise… I’d prefer to be eaten thank you.)

As the food began to arrive and table space became limited, our group ceased conversation and focused on eating. [Oh my gosh the food was delicious! Ridiculously hot, but delicious! Cutting into the pizza you could see the grease just ooze out. There were full strips of bacon artfully arranged on the pizza…full strips!! The Mostaccioli was covered in sauce and the meatballs in the sandwich were huge!] (Oh goodness the Pizza. I capitalized Pizza because this particular Pizza deserves it. There was literally an entire pig on that!!!! AN ENTIRE PIG!!!! I think I heard it oink as I bit into it….. too far? Anywho, it was sooooooooo good! Everything was just all around delicious and it all just came out of the oven. This is the heartstopper because just seeing it will stop your heart, not from grease but because you just fell in love.)

When asked about the food for the evening:
Anthony on pasta – “It was good.”
Hannah on pasta – “A piping hot bowl of deliciousness!”
Lucas on pizza – “It was amazing.”
Claire on pizza – “Piglicious – Cut up a pig, fried it in grease, threw it on a pizza crust, and sprinkled it with cheese.”
[And this my friends, is why Hannah and I eat together…without the BFs] (We are just so much more clever and whitty. I know that’s not how you spell whitty but I prefer to say it as if there were an “h” present. It sounds more refined.)

The group boxed up what was left of the pizza [leftovers = wonderful] and waddled their way out the door. (After this outing we went to “Canada Days” in Little Canada for Fireworks. The fireworks were awesome and when we got back to the car the whole thing smelled like fried cheese and bacon…. I almost bit into the seat it smelled to good.) Hannah and Claire mumbling; “We’re so fulllllll….” While Lucas and Anthony shook their heads in the background. [In disgust perhaps? They just don’t understand.] (They are just jealous because they can’t pack it away like we can. In an “eat off” battle Claire and I would win, hands down, while looking as adorable as always.)

The dishes of the evening:

Yes please!

The Heart Stopper – We pile on the sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, ham & breakfast bacon. Smother it with our homemade pizza sauce and cover it with cheese. This is not a “Weight Watchers” approved menu, $24.99.
Thin Crust – $17.99/$24.99
Deep Dish – $18.99/$26.99

Yup, that's a full slice of bacon.

Yup, that's a full slice of bacon.

Baked Mostaccioli – Fresh homemade mostaccioli covered with our red sauce, topped with a blend of mozzarella, sharp cheddar and freshly grated Parmesan cheese and baked to a golden brown, $10.99.

Anthony and Hans

The Meatball Sandwich – Homemade meatballs served open faced on fresh Italian bread, crowned with homemade red sauce and mozzarella cheese, half – $5.99 or whole – $9.99.

Claire and Lou

Chocolate Coke – Coke mixed with chocolate syrup. [And yes, it is as amazing as you think it should be.] (SO FREAKING GOOD!! I WANT ONE RIGHT NOW!!)

SIDE NOTEIt wasn’t until after we had ordered that this little drink made itself known – the Suicide and the Super Suicide. Everyone knows the classic Suicide, mixing all the fountain drinks together. Now image the Super Suicide…all the fountain drinks AND all the syrups. Talk about a sugar high!

Hannah and Claire’s Tasty Tip –
The more animal you can fit on a pizza, the better it is.

We're so fulllllllllllllllllllll!


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Round #4 – July 18, 2009

As the month of July slowly sauntered along, Hannah and Claire made their way through the list of Diner’s, Drive-ins, and Dives.  Next up – Victor’s 1959 Café.
As per website request, the girls called in to make dinner reservations. Not knowing what to expect, and with their ability to 1-visit restaurants when closed and 2-get horribly, horribly lost, they felt the need to check-in with Victor’s and announce their coming. (A smart idea in any situation involving me Claire and a car.)
Located off the beaten track, the restaurant was surprisingly easy to find, and to our girls delight – virtually empty. [Nothing to do with the food, mind you – just the timing. We missed the dinner rush. Yeah, we’re that good.] Moments after sliding into the booth and scanning the menu, their food was ordered and nothing left to do but wait.
[If you’re worried about passing the time while waiting, say, with an uncomfortable dinner date, don’t be. There is enough character throughout the restaurant to keep your eyes entertained. Not an inch of free wall space is left, having been taken over by layers and layers of fellow food lovers little notes and drawings. Hans and I spent our wait reading the walls and laughing at the comments.] (They were also bright yellow which made it super happy!)
After what seemed only a moment, the waitress was back with two huge, colorful, heaping plates of food. [The color of the restaurant walls, with the color of the plates and the color of the food was amazing! Heck, the food could have tasted like crap, but it looked delicious.  And yes, it was as delicious as it looked.] (The food was just what I was hoping for! A delicious meal that warmed me to the bone. I had never had saffron before and that was my first experience with it. The chicken stew was so thick and yummy, I could eat it every day for the rest of my life and not get sick of it.) The second of awe ensued followed by flying forks and silence, broken only by the waitress stopping by to check in.
And in record time the food was gone. Unlike usual though, the plates were not wiped clean. [Okay, have you had ‘yucca frita’? Image a potato and now make it thicker…like a giant, thick, French fry…as delicious has it was, those yucas stick to you!] (I feel like there was also fried plantanes somewhere in there too and it was wonderful!) With jeans unbuttoned [I am neither denying nor confirming this statement.] (I’ll confirm it!) eyes slightly glazed over – Hannah and Claire threw in the towel and moaned…”Sooooo fulllllll.”

Hannah’s After Thought– After this gigantic and delicious meal we waddled over to the Raspberry Festival in Hopkins. The fireworks were super awesome and really unique but I have a bone to pick with you Hopkins: I could not find a single raspberry at a RASPBERRY festival! I was expecting to have raspberry mini donuts (don’t ask me how it would work, because it worked just fine in my brain) WTF HOPKINS!!!


Hannah and Claire feasted on:

Fricasee de Pollo – Cuban chicken stew. This chicken is cooked with red & green peppers, onions, finished in our creole sauce and served with fried sweet plantains. You’ll love it – you’re in old Havana now. Served with a side of Arroz Amarillo – Yellow rice, seasoned w/our creole sauce and a bit of saffron.

Fricasee de Pollo

Fricasee de Pollo

 Sandwich Cubano – Proudly serving our authentic sandwich Cubano at dinner! Sweet ham, pork loin, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles. Served with choice of yuca frita or a small tropical salad. [All you mustard lovers, this is a must! While it may sound like just another sandwich, Victor’s has perfected the combination of ingredients, squished it just right, and warmed it to perfection. My mouth waters just thinking about it…]

Sandwich Cubano

Sandwich Cubano


– After visiting Victor’s 1959 Café, we read the menu online and realized there is a whole different lunch menu that looks just as delicious. A second trip is in order. How dare these sneaky restaurants keep luring us back with tasty bribes! 

Hannah and Claire’s tasty tip: 
Bring your own raspberries to a raspberry festival…


Victor's 1959 Cafe - it wasn't a good night for us...

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