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We’re BACK!!!!!

Summer’s finally here, which means Hannah’s finally home, which means food ‘o plenty!  Join us as we eat our way through Summer 2010!


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Technical troubles…

Attention devoted readers:
I would like to apologize for having such a delay in posting. I am currently working on adding my own personal touches to a post but it has proven to be very difficult considering my computer is rebeling against me. I will post as soon as possible so please be patient! (Sorry Claire!) As many of you may know and many of you are finding out right now, most technology I touch attempts to self destruct soon after I come into contact with it (As demonstrated by the Jetta, the Blazer, my phone, and now my computer!) Fear not readers, soon we will be back posting like we never posted before! So keep checking for updates! I am now off to attempt to fix my computer…. Oh how I long for the days of carrier pigeons and the Pony Express….


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