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The Blue Door Pub
1811 Selby Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104
(651) 493-1865

This place is a must – as simple as that.  With a perfect Happy Hour ($2 on all tap beers…what?!), friendly atmosphere, and absolutely delicious burgers, this place better be on your list to visit…soon!

With Hannah off at college, Claire decided to invite fellow family member and foodie – Nan.   They squeaked a seat right before Happy Hour filled up the pub, did a quite look-see through the menu and settled on a favorite and an exotic.  Nan went for the ‘Classic’ Juicy Lucy and Claire went for the ‘Jiffy Burger’, as she says: Peanut goes with pretty much anything.

Excellent company and excellent food rounded off the evening!

Claire and Nan enjoyed:

The Classic – 6.50
A Twin Cities original and South Minneapolis’ culinary gift to the world.  Made with cheddar cheese.

Becareful! The cheese is molten!

Jiffy Burger – 7.75
You’ve got to try it to be a believer.  We cover our burger with peanut butter, a little mayo, pepper jack cheese, bacon, and a few pickles – just like Mom used to make!  Awarded Best Burger in the Twin Cities by City Pages!

Like I say, peanut butter goes well with anything!!

Bell’s Best Brown Ale – 2.00 (Happy Hour!)


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337 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

August 4, 2009

Hello dear readers and welcome back to the culinary adventures of these two gluttonous gals. We last left them in a dizzying daze of cheese and meat at Donatelli’s and we join them again on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in August.  Heading into North East Minneapolis they worked their way towards The Modern Café. It is a quaint little establishment that is nestled into a row of buildings so make sure to keep your eyes open. There is a small bar and a few tables scattered about and the girls were shown to a booth along the wall opposite the bar. Yet again arriving a moment before 4pm to an empty restaurant, a friendly waitress, and wonderful Happy Hour specials [And for two girls on “hey-we’re-poor-and-have-no-money budgets, the lunch menu is a wonderful way to go.  Tons of food and little cash!].  Once Hannah was settled with her double/extra/triple/gigatron espresso (I have an addiction, I’m definitely big enough to admit that. But if anyone comes between me and my coffee they better be prepared for me to kill them!) and Claire with her traditional Bell’s brew – they took a look through the menu. Pot roast, meat loaf, and eggplant risotto swirled about as possibilities (I want to go back for that risotto so badly!!!) until Hannah and Claire settled on the Lamb Burger and Macaroni and Cheese. (Also freaking good but multiple trips are necessary.)

The food arrived just as tummies were beginning to rumble.  Hannah grabbed the Lamb Burger and Claire dug into the Mac and Cheese. As usual, silence ensued.  [The Mac and Cheese was unlike any I’ve tried before. Not creamy like your boxed Velveeta, but creamy like it was made with real, delicious cheese – sharp but balanced with the sprinkle of peas.] (The Lamb burger was wonderful! There was some sort of warm spice that I could not put my finger on.. cinnamon or clove or something along those lines. Whatever it was, the burger was definitely unique. There was also a Tzatziki sauce which balanced nicely with the warmth of the chutney. I would recommend this for people who are looking to explore different flavors but in a familiar way.) There was a slight rustling of plates as the girls swapped dishes and a “Ooo-OOOOoo” as Hannah tried the creamy Mac and Cheese while Claire tried to hold together the pieces of burger that were seeping out of the bun.

8.2 seconds later the food was gone and Hannah and Claire were trying to find the space to swallow one more bite of Mac and Cheese…[As Hannah said – the small bowl of Mac & Cheese was equivalent to Mary Poppin’s magic bag. You’d take one last bite only to have only last bite still at the bottom. So you’d scope that up only to have just a couple of noodles left, which of course you’d feel obligated to eat. So you’d find room, heave it in and see more creamy globs of cheese at the bottom of the dish.  I think you  get the picture…] Our girls finished up, slurped down the coffee and beer [separately of course], waddled outside into the sunshine and moaned: “We’re sooo fullllll!”

Never ending dishes:

Macaroni and Cheese – Peas, white cheddar, croutons, and Donnay chevre, $10.25

Lamb Burger – Tzatziki, red onion, and tomato chutney, $10.50

Hannah and Claire’s Tasty Tip:
“Leave no morsel behind.”


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