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Hannah and Claire EAT: Mort’s Delicatessen

525 Winnetka Avenue
Golden Valley, MN 55427-4759
(763) 544-2900

With a coupon in hand (thank you restaurants.com) our girls set off for a dinner date, boyfriends in tow. Destination – Mort’s Delicatessen, a New York style deli with foods highlighting Eastern Europe.  As the boys scanned the *cough-cough*wrap menu, our girls went right for the meat…ordering the largest sandwiches on the menu!!  Much to the confusion of the servers, boys took the “girly” meal and girls took the “man” meal!

lucas – JAKE’S BUFFALO WRAP    9.99
Chicken strips in buffalo sauce tossed with lettuce, diced tomatoes & bleu cheese

anthony – CAESAR WRAP    9.99
Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese
wrapped in a spinach tortilla

claire – THE TOOTS 14.99
Brisket sandwiched between latkes on marble bread. Served with apple sauce and au jus.

hannah – THE LANSKY 16.99
To call it just a sandwich would be criminal. Smoked brisket, dry aged beef, swiss cheese,
pickles and dijonaise served on ciabatta. Grilled and pressed to blend all the flavors.

Tasty Tip: Date boys that eat like little girls…more food for you!!


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